All Vermonters have the right to affordable, safe, equitable and healthy housing!

At a time when rent, utility costs, and home prices are spiking across Vermont and available units are scarce, we must stand together to fight for safe and affordable housing for all. That’s why RAD is working with Vermont Renews coalition partners to strengthen tenants’ rights, ensure weatherization services are available to all, and expand access to safe and affordable housing. 

Our Campaigns

Just Cause Eviction (JCE)

This proposed Burlington charter change will protect tenants from arbitrary evictions and require landlords to have a legal justification for evicting a tenant. This helps keep renters securely in their homes and avoid the devastating consequences of an eviction, while building housing equity and safeguarding against racial discrimination.


Green Housing Retrofits/ Weatherization at Scale

We support updating,  weatherization and inclusion of green technologies (solar panels) and other “retrofits” to modernize Vermont housing. Read more about current bill S.109.

Housing Omnibus Bill

This bill, which is currently being drafted, would simultaneously address housing needs for many Vermonters, with emergency housing, temporary and permanent housing for unhoused residents, and tenants’ rights provisions.

We are building the momentum for policies that move us closer to the Vermont Renews Coalition’s vision of guaranteed affordable, safe, equitable and healthy housing for all. Add your name below to join the fight!

Will you join us in the fight to protect Vermont tenants and advance housing justice? Add your name below!