We’re building local, grassroots power across Vermont to win a jobs guarantee, universal healthcare, affordable housing, racial justice, and bold climate action.

To most effectively address the overlapping crises we face – mass unemployment, climate change, the ongoing pandemic, and racial injustice – Rights & Democracy has joined forces with grassroots organizations across our state to form the Vermont Renews coalition. Rights & Democracy serves as the anchor organization for Vermont Renews. 

Together, we are part of the Renew New England Alliance, a multi-racial, regional coalition of more than 150 organizations across the six New England states, which Rights & Democracy co-founded. 

We have the power to ensure that everyone in Vermont – Black, brown, and white, Indigenous and immigrant – has a dignified job with a livable wage, can afford a comfortable home and enough food, and can walk or play outside in clean air. We need to join together now to fight for it.

Our Jobs Guarantee

The core of our plan is a Jobs Guarantee, which will ensure that everyone who wants a job will have one, and that all jobs created will meet or exceed the prevailing wage, paying no less than $15 per hour, with strong union protections and a full range of benefits. 

The Jobs Guarantee will support local, small businesses and create new public employment initiatives designed to modernize our region’s infrastructure, while ensuring that everyone’s basic needs are met in the areas of housing, healthcare, food, energy, transportation, and clean air and water.

Our Campaigns


Every Vermonter needs healthy, safe, and affordable housing. Our current housing campaigns seek to strengthen and expand tenants’ rights and ensure that everyone can afford their energy costs.

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We are working to advance a healthy, equitable food system centering ecologically sound farming, local production, fair labor standards, and a basic right to nutritious food.

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We are working to create Green Justice Zones to provide funding to frontline communities, who have borne the burdens of industrial pollution, for environmental remediation.

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Additional Key Priorities

Pass S 148, An act relating to environmental justice in Vermont. This bill sets definitions and standards for environmental justice and creates a state environmental justice Board.

Create labor standards including a $15 wage for all workers in the climate sector and access to unions, beginning with passage of H.258.