Climate change represents the greatest threat to the future of our communities in Vermont and around the globe.

Unless we act now and act with audacity, this crisis will continue to devastate ecological systems, vulnerable human and animal populations, and our very means for survival on this planet.

We know from our own experience from the impacts of Irene, that the hardest hit communities from extreme weather events are ones which are already struggling because of the economic crisis and extreme inequality.

Vermont has been recognized as a leader moving towards renewable energy, but we have to do much more if we are going to be a true model for transition and our efforts are to be commensurate with the crisis facing our world.

  • We must act now with all the tools at our disposal.
  • We must commit to policy solutions to cut carbon production and move to 100% clean energy, revolutionize our transportation and housing infrastructure, and ultimately stop the extraction of fossil fuels from the earth.
  • We must also ensure a just transition, where democracy is strengthened and good jobs are created throughout this critical process.

We will work with our partners People’s Climate Movement, 350 Vermont, and others through door-to-door canvassing, holding town meetings, and producing recommended steps forward to take even bolder action to address the crisis.

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