All Vermonters have the right to affordable, safe, equitable and healthy housing!

At a time when housing costs are spiking across Vermont and the eviction moratorium is set to end, we must stand together for tenant rights!

That’s why RAD and coalition partners are building out a campaign to strengthen tenant rights across our state.

Just Cause Eviction (JCE) protects tenants from arbitrary evictions and requires landlords to have a legal justification for evicting a tenant. This helps keep renters securely in their homes and avoid the devastating consequences of an eviction, including the costs and challenges of moving. By preventing unfair, “no cause” evictions, JCE also helps build housing equity and safeguard against racial discrimination in housing.

Tenant rights are being advanced across Vermont, with a Just Cause ballot initiative passed in Burlington this March, and legislation now under debate in the State House to enact this at the municipal level. 

Now, we are keeping up the momentum for policies that move us closer to the Vermont Renews Coalition’s vision of guaranteed affordable, safe, equitable and healthy housing for all. 

Will you join us in the fight to protect Vermont tenants and advance housing justice? Add your name below!