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Yes, the Healthcare Bill is THAT Bad. Here's How We Stop It

After weeks of secretive work, the Senate GOP has released its "healthcare" plan and it's bad. Really, really bad.

In Vermont, 21,000 people could lose coverage in order to give 490 Vermont households earning more than $1 million a tax break of more than $41,000! Tens of thousands of other Vermonters will see premiums rise, and many Medicaid recipients could lose coverage, too.

20170621_123615.jpgWith no hearings and no input, GOP leaders now want to vote on this bill next week.

This is outrageous.

We need you to take a few minutes out and make some simple phone calls to Gov. Phil Scott and US Sens. Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders.

The Senate bill would cut $600-plus Billion from Medicaid nationally, and wield a devastating blow to our state's Medicaid system, which covers 206,000 people— including nearly half of all of Vermont's children.

To keep our promises to those residents—elderly, children, and low-income folks—Vermont will need to raise an additional $2 Billion over the next 10 years to maintain current coverage levels through our expanded Medicaid programs.

Here's how we can work to stop it.

First, call Republican Gov. Phil Scott to sign onto a bi-partisan letter of US governors who oppose the Senate plan and want to see a more collaborative process to improve the health of their residents and hold their state budgets harmless. Scott has a chance to be a national Republican leader, like other Vermont Republicans before him, but we need to let him know that we want him to act.

More than 3300 Vermonters have asked Scott to stand up for healthcare. Add your name to the list!

Then, call the offices of US Sen. Patrick Leahy and US Sen. Bernie Sanders and tell them to do everything they can to stop this bill from becoming law.
Let them know that we have their back to pull out the stops to halt this bill in its tracks.

Those numbers:

Gov. Phil Scott: (802) 828-3333

US Sen. Patrick Leahy: (800) 642-3193

US Sen. Bernie Sanders: (800) 339-9834

Yesterday, Rights & Democracy members, health care advocates and others likely impacted by Republican plans held a National Day of Action rally at the Vermont State House [click to watch our video].

It's time to stand together and fight back.

We'll keep you posted on upcoming actions, and in the meantime if you have a healthcare story that you want to share with our elected officials, tell us and we'll pass it along.

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