WPTZ Covers VT Political Revolution Party - Rights and Democracy

WPTZ Covers VT Political Revolution Party


SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. —The Vermont Political Revolution Party -- half concert, half political rally -- acted as a fundraiser for the group, as well as a platform to publicly announce 34 candidates the organization is endorsing.

"We need to get people out there and voting. We need to get people who share our values to actually have a seat at the table,” said Isaac Grimm, an organizer at Rights and Democracy, a political grass-roots organization centering itself around democratic candidate Bernie Sander's platform.

"(It's) about bringing Bernie's political revolution to Vermont and making sure we're taking his message and progressive movement and making that a reality down-ticket -- getting progressive champions elected on a state level,” he said.

Some of those candidates say the endorsement means being recognized for the right reasons.

“I'm pleased to be endorsed by Rights & Democracy, but I've also been very involved in its principles and philosophy,” said John Moran, Democratic candidate running for Winham-Bennington House District who helped organize Rights & Democracy years earlier.

Those principles include economic justice, environmental accountability, and equal pay for women workers, to name a few.

Some voters attending the concert fundraiser agreed that whether a candidate is endorsed or not they're excited to take part in this "political revolution."

"I have been interested in politics in the past and I've been frustrated by politics in the past, and given up on the process in the past, so it feels good to be back trying to get involved with the process,” said Michael Nadeau, who attended the fundraiser.

And Isaac Grimm said that's what Rights & Democracy is all about.

“Unless we're acting and doing something about it, and trying to create a healthier system that's inclusive and not oppressive, you know, I can't live with myself not doing something about that,” Grimm said.

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