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Political revolution comes home, VT primary results

The political revolution comes home to Vermont!

Yuuuge thanks to everyone who worked their tails off to get to last night and all the candidates who put themselves out there to represent our communities. We could not be more thrilled with the Democratic primary results. Dave Zuckerman winning the Lieutenant Governor race is a progressive earthquake to Vermont’s political establishment. The fact that our choices for Chittenden County Senate, Debbie Ingram and Chris Pearson, both won the two open seats in a very competitive race is amazing. In competitive House races against establishment candidates Mari Cordes (Addison 4), Selene Colburn (Chittenden 6-4), Brian Cina (Chittenden 6-4) and Rae Fields (Bennington 2-1) all won. Debbie, Mari and Selene are all founding leaders of Rights & Democracy, and helped us get started almost exactly a year ago. Now they are moving on to the General Election to bring the political revolution to the Statehouse.  

Big-time shout out to ALL of the candidates, those who won and lost. Running an election is incredibly hard and takes an unbelievable amount of commitment from you and your family.  We look forward to working with all of you to move this state forward. It was one of the highest voter turnouts in the history of Vermont primary elections, coming off of a wretched voter turnout in the last voter election in 2014, the lowest in our state’s history. Many didn’t vote in 2014 because they didn’t think it mattered, but now many of us realize that the stakes are too high to let other people decide things for us.   

 We need to thank everyone who has helped us build Rights & Democracy over this past year. It is incredible to witness our collective potential and how a grassroots people’s movement organization can impact the political system. I’m so proud of our team and all our members who rolled up their sleeves to make it happen. We are just getting started, but already can be proud of what we have accomplished.  

Taking a step back, we know that the historic campaign Bernie Sanders ran changed the national political landscape, and inspired many of our candidates to run for local office and bring that political revolution to Montpelier. More than just the elections, we won because a year ago the people in power laughed at the idea of a $15/hour minimum wage and now the debate in the Democratic primary was not if, but how fastwe can get there. We won because moving forward toward universal healthcare is back in the political debate.  

More than anything, we have won because hundreds of people have become leaders in a grassroots movement, some even stepping up to run for office for the first time.  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard in these past weeks and months to engage your neighbors in deep conversations about issues that truly matter to us, and that will deeply affect our children and the future of our nation.  

Now we have a lot of work to do. Pushing our agenda forward, supporting our candidates, and winning in the General takes people and resources.

I hope you will sign up to volunteer here.

Donate to the VT Political Revolution Fund here


James, Elise, Isaac and whole RAD crew

P.S -- Stay tuned for more on the strategy for the General Election. But please consider a gift of $50, or even $20 bucks here: www.vtrevolution.org

P.P.S -- For those interested, here are the vote totals from yesterday’s primary.

Election Results for Rights & Democracy endorsed candidates:


Sue Minter: 35,703 votes (49.52%) winner

Matt Dunne: 26,377 votes (36.59%)

Peter Galbraith: 6,518 votes (9.04%)

Lieutenant Governor:  

David Zuckerman: 30,677 votes (42.46%) winner

Shap Smith: 26,336 votes (36.60%)

Kesha Ram: 11,953 votes (16.61%)


Chittenden County Senate:

Tim Ashe: 13,173 votes (11.93%) winner

Ginny Lyons: 12,183 votes (11.04%) winner

Michael Sirotkin: 10,469 votes (9.48%) winner

Phil Baruth: 9,238 votes (8.37%) winner

Chris Pearson: 8,323 votes (7.54%) winner

Debbie Ingram: 7,384 votes (6.69%) winner

David Scherr: 7,009 votes (6.35%)

Faisal Gill: 6,645 votes (6.02%)

Dawn Ellis: 6,485 (5.87%)

Nick Cook: 2,829 votes (2.56%)

Louis Meyers: 2,383 votes (2.16%)


Washington County Senate:

Anthony Pollina: 6,082 votes (24.33%) winner

Ann Cummings: 6,024 votes (24.10%) winner

Francis Brooks: 3,717 votes (14.87%) winner

Ashley Hill: 3,712 votes (14.85%)

Vermont House Races:

Addison-1, Middlebury Representative:

Amy Sheldon: 925 votes (36.25%) winner

Robin Sheu: 631 votes (24.73%) winner

Jill Charbonneau: 581 votes (22.77%)


Addison-4 Bristol, Lincoln, Monkton, Starksboro Representative:

Dave Sharpe: 887 votes (32.83%) winner

Mari Cordes: 748 votes (27.86%) winner

Stephen Pilcher: 577 votes (21.35%)


Bennington-2-1, Bennington Representative:

Timothy R. Corcoran II: 996 votes (35.18%) winner

Racheal Fields: 718 votes (25.36%) winner

Mike Silver: 450 votes (15.9%)

Jackie Kelly: 426 votes (15.05%)


Caledonia-3, St. Johnsbury Representative:

Scott Campbell: 385 votes (40.36%) winner

Corey Raynor: 254 votes (26.62%) winner


Chittenden-6-4, Burlington Representative:

Selene Colburn: 575 votes (36.72%) winner

Brian Cina: 378 votes (24.14%) winner

Judy Rosenstreich: 264 votes (16.86%)


Chittenden-6-7, Winooski Representative:

Diana Gonzalez: 656 votes (36.36%) winner

Clem Bissonnette: 507 votes (28.10%) winner


Chittenden-1, Richmond Representative:

Marcia Gardener: 407 votes (45.89%) winner

Scott Lowe: 219 votes (24.69%)

Steve May: 187 votes (21.08%)


Washington-5, East Montpelier, Middlesex Representative:

Kimberly Jessup: 423 votes (39.46%) winner

Carl Etnier: 204 votes (19.03%)

Virginia Burley: 175 votes (16.32%)

Benjamin Kaplan: 125 votes (11.66%)

Kim Swasey: 123 votes (11.47%)


Windsor-3-2, Springfield Representative:

Alice Emmons: 543 votes (34.59%) winner

Bob Forguites: 474 votes (30.19%) winner

Dave Hinckley: 339 votes (21.59%)

Windsor-4-2, Hartford Representative:

Gabrielle Lucke: 507 votes (30.21%) winner

Kevin “Coach” Christie: 474 votes (28.25%) winner

Ashley Andreas: 434 votes (25.86%)

Jeff Arnold: 255 votes (15.20%)

Windsor-Orange-2, Norwich, Strafford, Sharon, Thetford Representative:

Tim Briglin: 1,657 votes (38.53%) winner

Jim Masland: 1,505 votes (34.99%) winner

Nick Clark: 665 votes (15.46%)

For full results check out: http://vtelectionresults.sec.state.vt.us/Index.html#/home.

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