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2016 Vermont General Elections


Rights & Democracy (RAD) believes that our political elections are critical places for us to advance the struggles and issues facing our communities. Our members were inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders’ call to action for a “political revolution” to push for a broad agenda for economic, social and environmental justice and support local candidates up and down the ticket that support that agenda. This Summer, we launched a Vermont Political Revolution Voter Pledge with an agenda we are looking for candidates to support in 2017 and beyond.

Choosing Endorsements and Recommended Candidates: We are committed as part of our leadership development work to build a candidate pipeline to run our members for offices at all levels. Our state Leadership Committee uses a process of candidate questionnaires and interviews to determine candidates to endorse who are aligned with the issues we care about and are committed to building a people’s movement to advance our rights and build real democracy.

In addition to endorsing candidates, to protect the hard won rights our movement has secured, we strategically recommend candidates who are clearly better choices than their opponents in a number of races throughout the state.

Here are some of the guiding questions we considered in this process:

Will this candidate be a bold, progressive leader for Vermont? Does their life experience illustrate bold leadership and a commitment to progressive values?  Does this candidate have an effective plan to win? Have they been executing that plan? Can we have a measurable effect on this election? How many members do we already have in this district?

RAD Endorsements: We are proud to endorse the following candidates who are aligned with our values and the issues our communities are fighting for.


Endorsed Candidates:

Statewide office

David Zuckerman (Lieutenant Governor)

TJ Donovan (Attorney General) 

Doug Hoffer (State Auditor)



*Debbie Ingram (Chittenden County)

Chris Pearson (Chittenden County)

Anthony Pollina (Washington County)

Scott Garren (Rutland County)


House of Representatives

*Mari Cordes (ADD-4)

*John Moran (WDH-BEN)

Mollie Burke (WDH-2-2 Rep)

*Selene Colburn (CHI-6-4)

*Brian Cina (CHI-6-4)

*Jill Charbonneau (ADD-1)

Diane Lanpher (ADD-3)

*Rachael Fields (BENN-2-1)

*Kiah Morris (BEN-2-2)

Steve Berry (BEN-4)

Chip Troiano (CAL-2)

Scott Campbell (CAL-3)

Phil Aldridge (CAL-3)

Jean O'Sullivan (CHI-6-2)

Helen Head (CHI-7-3)

Joanna Cole (CHI-6-1)

Mary Sullivan (CHI-6-5)

Diana Gonzalez (CHI-6-7)

Betsy Dunn (CHI-8-1)

Robert Millar (CHI-6-7)

*Steve May (CHI-1)

Caroline Bright (FRA-1)

Mike McCarthy (FRA-3-1)

*Cindy Weed (FRA-7)

Susan Hatch-Davis (ORA-1)

Katherine Sims (ORL-LAM)

*Jeremy Hansen (WAS-1)

*Dottye Ricks (WAS-2)

Tom Stevens (WAS-CHI)

Carl Etnier (WAS-5)

(*indicates the candidate is a RAD member)


Recommended Candidates:

For strategic reasons we recommend our members vote for the following candidates as better choices in their races.


Sue Minter (Governor)

Jim Condos (Secretary of State)

Michael Sirotkin (Chittenden County Senate)

Phil Baruth (Chittenden County Senate)

Tim Ashe (Chittenden County Senate)

Ginny Lyons (Chittenden County Senate)

Sara Kittell (Franklin County Senate) 

Denise Smith (Franklin County Senate)

George Gay (Lamoille County Senate)

Robin Chesnut-Tangerman (RUT-BEN)

Dave Yacavone (LAM-WAS)

Marci Young (LAM-WAS)

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  • Willow Broaddus
    commented 2016-07-29 18:55:14 -0400
    Thank you very much also for doing this research. I thought there were like 20 seats up for election in the Senate, by county. Do you have a list for these as well? I have found to be helpful in this regard, though time consuming.
  • Dorothy Coe de Hernandez
    commented 2016-07-03 18:31:12 -0400
    Thank you so much for researching the candidates and putting this together. Because I trust that the Rights and Democracy committee thinks as I do, I’m saved a lot of research. Your choices have my vote.


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