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RAD TV - Velocity in Vermont - Mar 24, 2017

Host: Grant Taylor

Guest: Brenda Patoine

This month we highlight the struggles currently facing Vermonters and access to affordable health care. We’ll be joined by Brenda Patoine, science writer and Rights & Democracy member. Brenda will bring us a front lines report from our Save Healthcare campaign and the March 23rd rally in Montpelier.

Raise the Wage Testimony - Sarah Carbonneau

"With a $15 minimum wage I could be confident that I could pay all my bills at the end of the month and even put a little away which would allow me to start thinking beyond just next month. To our legislators voting on this - go out and talk to people working these jobs and ask them how hard it is and I think you'll find your answer."

Sarah Carbonneau is one of over 85,000 hard working VT residents struggling to get by on less than $15 an hour. 

Over 60,000 Vermonters are living below the federal poverty line, join us to raise standards for workers in Vermont and join the Vermont Raise the Wage Coalition!

If you want to share your story, email us at

RAD TV - Forever Building - Jan 27, 2017

Host: Grant Taylor

Guests: Dustin Tanner, and Anna Josti

This month we have a recap of some YUGE events starring the people of Vermont and their ability to mobilize for a cause. Day One of the legislative session, a Healthcare National Rally, MLK Day celebrations, the Women’s March on Montpelier, and more. Dustin Tanner and Anna Josti provide their outlook on Vermont politics and these events.

Art Party for the Women's March on Montpelier

We gathered on January 14, 2017 to make banners and art for the Women's March and Unity Rally in Montpelier, Vermont on January 21, 2017. It's feels so good to come together as a community to make our voices heard.

RAD TV - Full Steam Ahead - Dec 23, 2016

Host: Grant Taylor

Guests: Laura Mistretta, and Adrian Burnett

We bring you up to date on the work Rights and Democracy, and other organizations have been doing over the past few months. Laura Mistretta and Adrian Burnett join host Grant Taylor to discuss pre-election campaign experiences, post election actions, and plans for next steps. We’ll talk about the recent election, RAD’s Clean Green New Deal, BLM Vermont’s growing momentum, RAD’s Fair Development Assessment Tool, and more.

New RAD Video - Uniting for Rights & Democracy

Join us at

Thanks to the compassion and hard work of thousands of our members across Vermont and New Hampshire over the past year, we've helped pass legislation to strengthen our democracy and worker protections, elect Bernie Sanders style candidates down ticket, and build grassroots leadership for long term change. Thank you to everyone who built and participated in our first annual Membership Assembly, and thank you Dave Raizman for editing and producing this beautiful video!

You can also watch the full video on our YouTube page at

Bennington Bernie Rally

Over 700 people came out to Bennington to see Bernie and VT Dems at a rally ahead of the 2016 General Election.

Oct. 22, 2016.  Filmed and edited by Theo Talcott.  (YouTube link)

RAD TV - Fair Development - Oct 28, 2016

Host: Grant Taylor

Guests: Charles Simpson, Ibnar Avilix, and Jeffrey Caesar

Rights and Democracy brings you the latest updates on their Fair Development Assessment Tool process, and how it’s being applied to Burlington, Vermont. An enormous project in the middle of the city has many citizens and businesses thinking about what’s right for the city as a whole. We talk with residents about their views and experiences with the city’s current development and planning methods.

Towards a Just Economy - Framework for Progress


On Tuesday, September 20th, the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Burlington’s Economic Justice Task Force along with Rights & Democracy and VT Interfaith Action (VIA) held a discussion around Public Asset Institute's (PAI) new publication "A Framework for Progress".  UU member Gene Bergman, RAD Leader Kate Logan, PAI Executive Director Paul Cillo, RAD Lead Organizer Isaac Grimm, and VIA Organizer Melissa Battah all spoke.


RAD TV - RAD Campaign Updates from Jobs, Justice, Climate; and Raise Up Vermont - Sep 23, 2016

Host: Grant Taylor

Guests: Kate Logan, and Laura Mistretta

We take a look at some big events from the past month of RAD’s campaigns, including the People and Planet Over Profit rally at UVM, and Towards a Just Economy at the local UU Church. Celebrating the momentum we began generating as a group over a year ago, Kate Logan and Laura Mistretta share the latest information about two of RAD’s biggest campaigns: Jobs, Justice, Climate; and Raise Up Vermont.


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