Stop the harassment and racial profiling at Vermont's Border - Rights and Democracy VT

Stop the harassment and racial profiling at Vermont's Border


Multiple incidents have taken place at Vermont border crossings in the past week where people have been racially profiled and denied entrance. One woman and her family were denied after 4 hours of being questioned about their religion, views on Donald Trump, and after border agents took and searched her cell phone.

Join us in letting State and Federal employees know that we will not stand for blatant racial profiling, and unnecessary and unconstitutional questioning and searches.

CALL NOW: Please call the Vermont US Border Control offices to demand they stop the blatant racial profiling and should not enforce any orders which are clearly unconstitutional.   

 Phone Number for the Highgate Border Patrol Station in VT: 802-868-3361  

Phone Number for the Derby Border Patrol Station in VT: 802-873-3489

Other Ports

Demand that Governor Phil Scott ensures our Border Patrol upholds the constitution and puts a stop to racial profiling by calling his office at 802-828-3333.

Please email to let us know you got through.  

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