Vermont Gov., Lt. Gov. Candidates Discuss Various Issues - Rights and Democracy

Vermont Gov., Lt. Gov. Candidates Discuss Various Issues

WFFF | December 6, 2015 | Staff Report

Vermont Gubernatorial and Lieutenant Governor candidates came together to set themselves apart for voters.  Gubernatorial candidates Matt Dunne and Bruce Lisman and Lieutenant Governor candidates Kesha Ram and David Zuckerman spoke at today's first annual Rights and Democracy Summit in Burlington.  They discussed tackling issues, from economic inequality to racial bias, and how they would solve them.

"I think it takes some considerable about of education in our schools and in our society generally, to change attitudes, but it has to be visible and it has to be consistent," said Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Lisman.

"That starts with values from the leadership that makes sure that our law enforcement is being trained so that they will combat bias every time they are confronted with it," said Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Matt Dunne.

"Not just policies are in place, but that officers live those policies, carry out those policies in their most difficult moments they don't make snap judgments that can happen anywhere in this country," said Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Kesha Ram.

"Elementary school or high school, but certainly at UVM there is a now a class that everybody has to take to make sure that we become more aware of our white privilege and all the different things that those of us who are not people of color take for granted," said Progressive/Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman.

All candidates were invited to today's summit.  Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott and Gubernatorial Candidate Sue Minter were not in attendance.  Former Candidate for Governor Shap Smith is taking time off to care for his wife, who is battling cancer.

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