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UVM - Divest from TD Bank!

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Dear President Tom Sullivan and the UVM Board of Trustees,

We, University of Vermont students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members call on you to close your account and cut ties with TD Bank - a bank that has invested $365,000,000 into the Dakota Access Pipeline, a fossil fuel infrastructure project which threatens the sovereignty of the Lakota people in North Dakota, their water supply, and which would only exacerbate climate change and the decline of precious ecosystems.

Continued construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, a process which has become increasingly volatile towards those who have spent months protecting their land and resources, is a serious threat that intersects environmental, social, economic and racial justice.  As Vermont’s largest public University, and as an institution that prides itself for its values and progress regarding sustainability, clean and renewable energy, combatting climate change and human rights, we believe UVM has a moral and ethical responsibility to be leader in supporting water protectors at Standing Rock by divesting from TD Bank. That responsibility is compounded by the role that this university played in the eugenics movement, which included the forced sterilization of the Abenaki people.

By continuing to bank with TD, you are complicit in a system that is working against your own stated values. We believe this is a defining moment for our country, and we are asking that the University of Vermont stand with us on the right side of history.

Sincerely the undersigned,

Elise Greaves, Class of 2014
Mari Cordes, RN at UVM Medical Center
FK, Associate Professor of History, UVM
David Feurzeig, Associate Professor, UVM
Terence Cuneo, Marsh Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy
Shay Totten, resident of Burlington
Alison Nihart, Staff member, Class of 2012
Dan Wells, Lecturer, UVM Environmental Program
Adrian Burnett, Student
Jacqueline Carr, Associate Professor of History, UVM
Ethan White, Class of 2015
Sarah Carbonneau, Class of 2016
Anthony E. Grudin, Associate Professor, UVM
Sarah E. Turner, Senior Lecturer, English

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