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Photo Petition: Tell Congress No Tax Tricks on Working Families to Give Treats to Millionaires!

HC_trick_treat.jpgThis Halloween, it’s not only millions of American kids who will be out trick or treating. Republican members of the House and Senate will be trick or treating, too.


Unfortunately for the American people, they won’t be dressing up and going door-to-door for candy. Instead, they will be in the halls of Congress moving ahead with budget resolutions that trick working families across this country to give treats to the wealthy and corporations.


The House and Senate have both passed budget resolutions that provide the rich and corporations trillions of dollars in tax cuts paid for by gutting Medicaid, Medicare, education, and critical public services. The resolutions establish a framework for legislation to actually implement these tax cuts by defunding programs we care about.


But we can’t allow all the candy—in the form of massive tax breaks—to continue to go to those whose pockets are already overflowing. This Halloween, we will stand together in opposition to the Republican plan that’s a trick for families (cuts to health care) to pay for treats (big tax breaks) for millionaires, billionaires like President Donald Trump, and corporations. 


As part of a national day of Trick or Treat Actions across the country, on Halloween, Tuesday October 31, join our photo petition to reject the Trump/GOP budget plan that slashes funding for Medicaid, Medicare, education, and other vital social safety net programs.


Take a photo of yourself, your friends, and/or your family in your Halloween finest, with the above sign (click here to download and print your own) to demonstrate your opposition to Trump and the Congressional GOP’s trick of the American people!


Then upload your picture to this Facebook event to make your voice heard!



*** Photo Release: Uploading your photo to this Facebook page confers consent to the reproduction and public use of your photo by Rights & Democracy.

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