#RaisetheWageVT Toolkit for building the campaign for a $15 minimum wage in Vermont:


Call and email your local representative(s) and senator(s) in support of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour -; simple talking points can be found here.


1. Sign the “Call To Action” at

2. Follow the #RaiseTheWage coalition on FacebookTwitter (Invite 5 friends to follow as well)

3. Have a personal story dealing with inadequate wages? Share your story here.

3. Print out a"Raise the Wage" support sign and take your picture with it (share it with

-- Get 5 others to take a photo with the support sign

4. Write a Letter to the Editor in support of Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an hour in VT (here's an LTE template to help, please share with before submitting to any papers so I can track where they're being submitted and help make sure they're not repeating each other w/in same district)

5. Submit a video testimony sharing your personal experience with inadequate wages or just why you support a $15/hr minimum wage -- share with and we will help post it up on our YouTube and Facebook pages) -- Here is a video testimonial script to help with interviewing someone else for a video or for helping guide your own testimony

6. Mobilize through phone calls, house meetings or 1:1s our members, neighbors, family and friends to build broader support for raising the wage by writing LTEs, contacting their legislators, signing the “Call to Action,” etc.

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