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Thousands of Bernies?

1*4ei5BauP4guZgARxrY3Aqg.jpegAre you the next Bernie Sanders?

Why not?

A lot more people around the country know about Vermont today than they did just a few years ago.  

Even though Bernie’s not running for president (at least not yet), Rights & Democracy is attracting national attention in Vermont for building the political revolution on a local level and you can not only help us make it happen, but be the change we're seeking.

Just take a look at this recent article on Truthout: Thousands of Bernies? Progressive Groups Aim to Build a Majority From the Bottom Up.”

In it, journalist Michael Corcoran highlighted founding RAD Board member Ali Dieng’s recent city council victory in Burlington’s Ward 7 special election.

“One recent success story has advocates excited. Ali Dieng, born in Mauritania and raised in Senegal, pulled off a victory in a special election in June for a seat in the city council in the typically conservative New North End district in Burlington, Vermont (which is also the district where Bernie and Jane Sanders live) ... After building a strong coalition including members of both parties, he had a decisive victory and became the only non-white member of the council and the second new American (he came to the US in 2007) to serve on the body.”

RAD’s Political Engagement Director Isaac Grimm was quoted in the piece saying,

"When we started the organization … we had conversations about what kind of movement we needed to build and what people saw in themselves as their role in this movement, Ali was one of the first people who said he could imagine running as a grassroots candidate and then actually stepped up and did it. [This] is exactly the formula we need to have the people's movement take power in this country: a multiracial, multigenerational, people's platform of issues aligned with the political revolution that Bernie's campaign inspired.”

Screenshot_2017-06-14_16.17.59.jpegThe movement inspired by Bernie’s campaign is founded on the belief that we must continue to organize—not only around issues, and not only in reaction to Trump's attacks. We must organize to build the necessary power to make our values reflected in our policies.

As we head into the 2018 election cycle, RAD will be holding Movement Politics trainings to build a shared analysis and skill set for progressive champions to run (or support) powerful electoral campaigns so we can take back power in our state house and enact a political agenda that puts people and the planet over profits. If you’re not sure what we mean by Movement Politics, click on the link above and learn more.

"RAD has clearly helped progressive candidates win elected offices in Vermont, and their command of the resources available to candidates is stunning."—RAD trainee Andrew Sullivan.

Our next Movement Politics training is in Montpelier on September 9th.

If this date doesn’t work, and you're thinking of running for office or taking a leadership role in supporting electoral campaigns just fill out this registration form and we’ll let you know when our next training is scheduled.


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