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    VDP should de-certify the rigged election of 2016 immediately and call for a special election on January 14th of all candidates who ran in 2016 for a do-over, this time without Russian cheating and hackable voting machines. There is no obligation for the Democratic Party to walk the plank into the neo-nazi hell realm that is Donald Trump’s vision of America. Be brave, Democrats, join the December 19 Hamilton Elector movement to not go easily into that good night. Rage rage against the dying of the light of a democratic republic.

    Open letter to the VT Democratic Party - Support Keith Ellison

    Rights & Democracy invites fellow Vermonters to add your name to this open letter supporting Congressman Keith Ellison as the next DNC Chair to be a strong voice for a bold progressive direction for our country.  


    Dear Vermont Democratic Party Committee members,

    We, the undersigned, support Rights and Democracy in requesting that the Vermont Democratic Party (VDP) pass a resolution urging the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to elect Keith Ellison as the next DNC Chair.

    Representative Ellison is a proven leader. He is Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), the largest membership group of the Democratic Party in Congress, with 71 members including Vermont’s Rep. Peter Welch and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

    The four core principles of the CPC’s Progressive Promise reflect the values and Platform of the VDP:

    1. Fighting for economic justice and security for all;

    2. Protecting and preserving our civil rights and civil liberties;

    3. Promoting global peace and security; and

    4. Advancing environmental protection and energy independence

    As Senator Paul Wellstone said, “There are three critical ingredients to democratic renewal and progressive change in America: good public policy, grassroots organizing and electoral politics.” We agree and believe Keith Ellison has the experience, energy and commitment to lead us in just such a renewal.

    We agree with Sen. Sanders that “we need a Democratic National Committee led by a progressive who understands the dire need to listen to working families, not the political establishment or billionaire class. This is why I support Keith Ellison to be the next chair of the Democratic National Committee, and why I hope you’ll join me in advocating for him to lead the DNC.”

    We agree with the Communication Workers of America that “Ellison supports the economic policies that are critical to addressing the needs of millions of Americans who have been left out and left behind by unfair trade deals and trickle-down austerity economics.  ...  Rep. Ellison understands that in order to win these voters back, the Democratic Party must clearly embrace its historic core values of racial and economic justice.”

    We agree with Senator Harry Reid that ".. Keith Ellison is a terrific leader and a strong progressive who knows how to get things done… Now is the time for new thinking and a fresh start at the DNC. Now is the time for Keith."

    Representative Ellison's congressional leadership positions him to be a force for progressive change and the prioritization of inclusion and action within the Democratic Party. He understands the challenges facing working people, and he is committed to building a party that is responsive and accountable to their concerns and hopes for their communities.

    Please join with us in supporting Rep. Keith Ellison as the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

    135 signatures


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  • posted about Superdelegate Resolution on Facebook 2016-05-17 21:57:26 -0400
    Sign the petition: Superdelegate Resolution to push Vermont Democratic Party to give their Delegates to the guy who won!

    Superdelegate Resolution

    350 signatures
    PETITION: Supporting VT Resolution on Superdelegates
    We, the undersigned Vermonters, call on our town delegates and other Vermont delegates to the Vermont Democratic Party to support a resolution requiring superdelegates in each state vote in the same proportion as the results of the Vermont Democratic Presidential Primary election. The health of our democracy is threatened by a presidential primary system that is rigged to favor party establishment candidates and ignores the will of millions of voters. To build a more democratic system in Vermont and around the country, we ask you to support this resolution to change the delegate process.

    The Undersigned

    Promotion of Fair Representation by Unpledged
    Party Leaders and Elected Official Delegates (“Superdelegates”)
    This Resolution relates to the status and authority of Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Official Delegates (“Superdelegates”) and is offered for consideration at the Vermont Democratic Party Convention 2016 State Convention on  May 22, 2016 at the
    Barre Opera House, in Barre, Vermont.
    This resolution is  to help ensure that Democratic Party Rules, both National and State,  creating and granting voting powers to certain Unpledged Party Leaders and Elected Official Delegates (commonly called “superdelegates”) do not unfairly distort the desires of the voters as expressed in votes cast at a presidential primary or caucus.
    Be it RESOLVED by the delegates to the Vermont Democratic Party 2016 State Convention that, recognizing the limitations imposed by existing national party rules in the 2016 delegate selection process and the inherent unfairness of changing delegate selection procedures after the selection process is underway, the rules should not change the voting power of superdelegates in 2016; and
    Be it further RESOLVED that the assembled delegates are aware that the stated preferences of Vermont’s superdelegates to 2016  National Democratic Convention are generally in proportion to the results of Vemont Democratic Presidential Primary election and Vermont’s superdelegates are urged confer and voluntarily vote for presidential candidates at the national convention in the same relative proportion as the popular vote in the Vermont Democratic primary election; and
    Be it further RESOLVED that beginning with the 2020 presidential election cycle, the Vermont Democratic Party and National Democratic Party should amend their rules and delegate selection plans to require that superdelegates be bound on a first ballot to cast their votes in the same proportion as the popular vote in their home state primary election or nominating caucus; and
    Be it further RESOLVED that beginning with the 2020 presidential election cycle, should the National Democratic Party fail to amend their rules and delegate selection plans to allow superdelegates to be bound on a first ballot to cast their votes in the same proportion as the popular vote in their home state primary election or nominating caucus then the Vermont Democratic Party shall amended rules will require superdelegates to declare their presidential candidate preference to the State Party Chair at the opening of the state convention, with the Chair directed  to take those preferences into account in allocating pledged national convention delegates among presidential candidates so as to maintain a fair reflection of the votes in the same proportion as the popular vote in their home state primary election or nominating caucus; and
    Be it further RESOLVED that the rules should require that superdelegates be released from their first ballot obligation if the presidential nomination is already decided, by number of delegates pledged to a candidate as the results of primary elections and caucuses or by concession of competing candidates, by the time of the national convention; and
    Be it finally RESOLVED that the Vermont Democratic Party’s representatives to the Democratic National Committee are urged to propose and support changes in delegate selection process so as require that superdelegates in each state to vote in the same relative proportion as the popular vote in the Presidential primary or caucuses of the state they represent at least on a first ballot at the Democratic National Convention.
    Moved by: Scott Garren, Shrewsbury
    Seconded by: Claudia Pringles, Montpelier
    Alexander Lee, Jericho
    Betty Frye, Guilford
    James Haslam, Burlington
    Noah Detzer, Hartford
    Bruce W. Sargent, Montpelier
    Laura Simon, Hartford
    Ed Clark, Guildhall
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  • signed Raise Up Vermont 2016-04-04 21:47:22 -0400

    Raise Up Vermont

    2,428 signatures


    We support raising basic standards for workers in Vermont, and call on lawmakers to:

    1. Raise job standards by making the minimum wage a livable wage.

    2. Establish family and medical leave insurance for all Vermont working families.

    3. Strengthen existing law to prevent employers from misclassifying their employees as “independent contractors” and denying the protections they are entitled to under the law.


    Right now millions of people in Vermont and across the country are struggling with poverty wages, lack of paid family and medical leave to care for their families, experience wage theft or our misclassified as independent contractors, or become ill or injured at work because of dangerous working conditions.

    Rights & Democracy believes that everyone has the right to live and raise their families in dignity. In the coming years, we believe Vermont can increasingly become a national leader for raising workplace standards.

    Please join us in helping continue to raise the standards for working people and supporting this campaign!

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  • posted about Home on Facebook 2016-02-05 18:12:54 -0500
    Hey friends, Consider joining this awesome grassroots in VT for real progressives, who endorsed Bernie! @rightsvt

    Together We Win!

    Across our state people are joining together to build a movement for rights and real democracy. We’re sending the message to our elected officials that we want policies that lead to happy, healthy, and just communities for all Vermonters. Join us! 

    Sign on to our Together We Win agenda and become a member of RAD.

    2,445 signatures

    I support a Vermont where:

    • Every working person earns a livable wage and has dignified working conditions.

    • Everyone has access to quality healthcare, education, affordable housing and social supports paid for with a progressive and fair tax system.

    • We have an economy that creates good jobs while taking bold action to protect the environment and address climate change.

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