Take Action Tuesday: Democracy Summer - Rights and Democracy VT

Take Action Tuesday: Democracy Summer

Let’s face it, the 2017 legislative session in Vermont lacked both a rejection of the Trump agenda and a bold vision for the state we seek to build.


We had a few successes—Racial Justice Reform, PTSD coverage for first responders, Paid Family Leave passing the House— but, we have not yet seen the bold vision for progressive change we need.


It is time to turn up the heat.


This summer, Rights & Democracy will host Town Halls throughout the state as we reclaim our political power to create real and lasting change on issues such as universal healthcare, energy democracy, economic justice, and much more.


Learn more about Democracy from our Take Action Tuesday webinar.


Rights & Democracy will launch this important summer campaign with a kickoff event on Friday, June 16th from 7–7:30PM.


Join us in person if you’re in Burlington: Stop by the North End Studios at 294 No. Winooski Ave. at 6 PM for some pre-launch festivities.


– OR –


Stream the event from your home and invite your friends and neighbors to watch.


RAD members across the state are hosting kickoff house parties to bring people together to translate the energy from mass mobilizations like the Women's March into real and lasting change in our communities, our elections, and our legislature.


If you’re interested in hosting a Democracy Summer Kickoff House Party, fill out this form.


When we receive your RSVP, we will provide you with a House Party "toolkit” to help you organize your event. Once you provide your event details, we will post the event on our website so that you can invite your friends and neighbors, as well as share via social media.


We have a lot of work to do: the October special legislative session to deal with federal budget cuts, the upcoming 2018 legislative session, as well elections on Town Meeting Day and the 2018 midterms.


This summer and fall we must organize, train, and mobilize people to be leaders in their local communities and run for office in the upcoming elections.  Join us to organize together for the change our state and our world desperately need.

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