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Join RAD & Help Us Make Real Change

My name is Jubilee McGill and I’m a member of Rights & Democracy (RAD).

Like you, real-life experiences lit a fire in me and fueled my desire to make real changes.

Six years ago, my husband and I found out that we were expecting—twins!—and due to medical complications, I was unable to continue working.

At at time when we should have been celebrating and focusing on the arrival of our children, we were stressed about paying bills while I was out of work, he was overworked, and we worried constantly about what the future would bring. Could we do it?

To make up for the loss of my income, my husband began to work six days a week quite regularly, and eight-hour days often stretched into nine or 10 hours. It was impossible to build up any sort of savings, so the day after we came home from the hospital, my husband returned to work. We could only afford for him to miss three days of work for the birth of our children.

No one should have to make this choice, yet there are countless people like me here in Vermont and millions of people across the nation grappling with the same, dire dilemma. That’s why I want to see our state pass a strong paid family leave bill.

RAD gives me, and so many others like me, more than a voice but chance to work with others to build the power we need to make the changes we want to see here in Vermont, our country, and the world.

Join me today in support of our Together We Win campaign because it’s clear we need organizations like RAD now, more than ever.

Donate today!

Jubilee McGill, Bridport

Member, Vermont Leadership Committee

RAD Addison County Organizing Team

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