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Sign Onto RAD's People's Platform for Vermont

20170904_190054.jpgIt's time to let our elected officials know that we want more from them than just resistance to bad ideas coming down from Washington, but to enact a bold agenda that improves the lives of all Vermonters and all communities.

In just two years, Rights & Democracy members have helped to lead the discussion on some of the most pressing issues facing Vermont, and the nation, from pushing for universal health care, expanding voters' rights, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and enacting paid family and medical leave insurance.

Join_Us_button.pngNow, we're asking you to join us in supporting a broad-based People’s Platform and begin urging legislators to start passing this platform during this upcoming session.

ABernie_WRJ_41.jpgt two major Labor Day rallies in White River Junction and Middlebury, member leaders spoke about each plank of this People’s Platform, which include:

• Fair Pay: Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour (H. 93,S. 40).

• Healthcare Justice: Implement an equitably and publicly financed system of health care as a human right for all as envisioned in Act 48, Vermont's 2011 health care law, and pass Universal Primary Care (H.248 and S.53).

• Protect Workers and their families: Enact paid family and medical leave (H. 196 and S. 82) and strengthen enforcement against worker misclassification (S. 73).

• Decarcerate Vermont: Support reforms to our criminal justice system to end systemic racial bias and enable a humane approach to justice (H.150,H.167,H.108,H.291).

20170904_190258.jpg• Racial Justice: Ensure the recommendations of the newly created Racial Justice Oversight Board are followed in order to address implicit racial bias in our criminal justice system and other state institutions in Vermont.

• Gender Justice: Protect women's right to control their own bodies and destinies, advance gender pay equity, and advance more equitable public accommodations for transgender people in Vermont. (H. 333).

• Clean water, clean air, and clean soils for all: Invest in the infrastructure and protections necessary to ensure these key human and environmental rights.

• Energy Democracy: Empower communities to move toward a 100-percent renewable energy economy while prioritizing opportunities for local ownership and democratic participation in shaping our just transition away from fossil fuels.

• Clean Elections: Stop the bribery by closing the revolving door between elected office and lobbying. Give every voter a voice by empowering voters to rank their top candidates to avoid “spoiler candidates”; and fix our broken public campaign finance system.

36717417810_ef02bf268e_z.jpgThis platform reflects the work that our members and allies are doing in communities around the state.


We all know that it's not enough to simply keep playing defense against a disastrous national political agenda. We need to begin to channel that energy of resistance into making our communities stronger, resilient, and just.


This People's Platform addresses key, structural challenges that we must face make in order to create a better Vermont.

Join us by signing on and supporting this Platform, and sharing it with your friends and stay tuned for other ways in which you can help build the momentum to get these bills passed.

PS: It's getting close to the end of the year, and we have a busy year ahead to promote these important issues. If you're not a member yet, consider becoming one today and support the work of Rights & Democracy.

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