Scott just vetoed the budget - fightback tomorrow! - Rights and Democracy VT

Scott just vetoed the budget - fightback tomorrow!


Please join a statewide day of action tomorrow to tell Gov. Phil Scott that his veto of the state budget holds Vermont hostage at the expense of working Vermonters.

The budget passed by the Legislature invests in affordable housing, clean water, child care, and tackling the opioid crisis. Instead of signing that budget, however, Scott is choosing to play politics with local education, and using it as a way to pit Vermonters against each other.

Tell Gov. Scott that his budget veto sets up the false choice of either providing affordable health care benefits to public employees OR destroying the pact of workers’ rights to collectively bargain. We need to fight for both.

If Gov. Phil Scott is serious about saving healthcare dollars he would follow the principles of Act 48 and enact a single-payer, healthcare for all system. Until then, anything else is just a smokescreen for advancing a wrong-headed agenda that undermines the value of public servants.

Let’s be honest about Gov. Scott’s game plan. It’s a page out of the right-wing playbook that Gov. Scott Walker, a poster child for the Koch Brothers, used in Wisconsin to undermine public unions. Wouldn’t the Koch Brothers be ecstatic if they could erode, or eliminate, collective bargaining rights in “liberal” Vermont as well as undermine our efforts to move to universal healthcare?

Yes, they would.

Our teachers are asking that we show up at rallies around the state on Wednesday to stand in support of their hard-won right to collectively bargain for healthcare. 

Find a rally nearest to you and RSVP today. 

We cannot let Gov. Scott and his right-wing backers in Vermont take advantage of an invented crisis to undermine the rights of valued public servants.  And we need to let our lawmaker allies know that now is not the time to be fearful and retreat on our shared values.

Find your legislator(s) and leave them an email or, better yet, give them a call at home to ensure that they override Scott's ill-sighted budget veto.

And be sure to call Gov. Phil Scott’s office at (802) 828-3333 and let him know that you do NOT approve of his budget veto.

In Solidarity,

Rights & Democracy Team

Here is the full list of action sites around the state. Find which event is closest to you:


Bellows Falls



Burlington/South Burlington










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