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Rights & Democracy Endorses Ali Dieng for Burlington City Council


Rights & Democracy is proud to announce it’s unanimous endorsement of Ali Dieng for Burlington City Council!


We are encouraging all of Burlington’s RAD members to:


Ali met with RAD’s Burlington Organizing Team attendees on May 9th and answered questions about the issues he would champion as a city councilor.


Ali talked about the need for more affordable housing, affordable, universal child care in the city, better transportation options for seniors, improved communication from city government, and more opportunities for people to connect and create community in the New North End.


He also believes we should do more to protect Lake Champlain, be creative in how we tackle the opioid crisis, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and create a police oversight commission to confront racial and cultural bias in policing.


"I have the skills and experience to do the job right, because I have always been involved in building a better community in both my professional and personal life. Since settling in Burlington in 2008, I have been serving the city and our residents in many ways and will build on this knowledge and experience in my new role as a city councilor. As a leader, I am able to listen carefully to everyone, identify community needs and gaps in services, and find creative solutions. This is exactly what I did in taking Parent University from a visionary idea to a successful and sustainable program. I believe our city needs this kind of innovative thinking and courageous leadership," Ali told RAD members.


"As a person of color and an immigrant from an underdeveloped country in Africa, I have real-life experiences that help me understand the critical importance of meeting the basic needs of the most vulnerable in our community," he added.


Ali—who announced his candidacy to run as an Independent in the June 27th special election—won the Democratic Party endorsement at a packed Ward 7 caucus on May 4th. He is also seeking the endorsement of the Progressive Party.


Ali is a founding board member of Rights & Democracy, and his candidacy is something RAD was created to help make happen: to train and support community leaders to build the skills and supporter base necessary to run for political office, win, and make lasting change.


We ask you to join us in congratulating Ali and help get him elected so that his powerful community voice can be represented on Burlington’s city council.

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