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Open Letter - Restore the Trust

In a June 2 investigation published in The Guardian, South Burlington, VT was identified as one of 33 US cities using water testing “cheats” in response to lead concerns that are similar, if not identical to those in Flint, now the subject of criminal investigation.  The Guardian referred to the practices as “distortions” intended to alter results so as to conceal lead contamination issues.  The media outlet goes on to state, “Despite warnings of regulators and experts, water departments in at least 33 cities [South Burlington among them] used testing methods over the past decade that could underestimate lead found in drinking water.”

Marc Edwards, the scientist who first uncovered the crisis in Flint “described water testing in some of America’s largest cities as an 'outrage.'"  He went on to say, “They make lead in water low when collecting samples for EPA compliance, even as it poisons kids who drink the water. Clearly, the cheating and lax enforcement are needlessly harming children all over the United States. If they cannot be trusted to protect little kids from lead in drinking water, what on Earth can they be trusted with? Who amongst us is safe?”

We, then, the undersigned Vermont residents, ask you, Governor Shumlin, are those living in South Burlington or any of us visiting one of South Burlington’s many restaurants, hotels, and other businesses safe?  And, if not, how long have you known that our health was being put at risk?  If we are safe, how can you demonstrate you have been acting on behalf of the Public Trust in light of The Guardian investigation?

Thank you for your consideration and for your service to our communities.


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    Enough is enough! Restore the Trust!!
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