Resist & Rebuild Summit (MyNBC5) - Rights and Democracy VT

Resist & Rebuild Summit (MyNBC5)


More than 100 people gathered at Montpelier High School Saturday for the Resist and Rebuild Summit.

It was held by the Central Vermont Citizen Action Network to connect Vermonters who want to work for change with various organizations across the state.

"There are organizations focused on Vermont policy and budgets and there are organizations focused on federal action and really the point is that this needs to become a movement for change, a movement to protest our democracy a movement to hold our legislators and our governor accountable," Sue Minter, former gubernatorial candidate and Network member, said.

The summit featured panel discussions and workshops on a broad range of topics, from the environment to criminal justice reform and gender equality.

Everything here had one common theme: how they can work together to create the type of state and democracy that they want.

"It's the coming together of all the different issue to see where we can work together to become more coordinated in our efforts because we are in a time right now where everyone needs to work together," attendee Rick Barstow said.

"It really talks about the intersectionality of all these different issues, that no one movement can work by itself," Karin Waquar, a member of Muslim Girls Making Change, said.

"I think it's important to work together locally during these difficult times. We have a national government that doesn't care about facts, is not interested in science," attendee Eric Bachman said.

The goal was also to capitalize off the momentum from countless nationwide protests drawing record crowds.

"What I know is people are anxious people are scared and I know that the best way to deal with that is to take action," Minter said.

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