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Report Back from Paris Climate Talks

Dear Friends,

My name is Aly Johnson-Kurts and I just returned to my home state of Vermont from the UN climate talks in Paris. If the negotiations have made anything clear, it’s that we can’t expect the deal to provide the solutions we need for a liveable future – the real work is up to us.

That’s why I want to invite you to join Rights & Democracy’s Jobs, Justice, Climate campaign.

Climate change represents the greatest threat to the future of our communities in Vermont, New Hampshire and around the globe. Unless we act boldly now, this crisis will continue to devastate ecological systems, vulnerable populations, and our very means for survival on this planet. You may have seen the video of me interrupting our governor in Paris – I felt it was necessary to address his support for the proposed fracked gas pipeline, which is a false solution to our crisis.

The Jobs, Justice, Climate campaign calls for real solutions – to cut greenhouse gas emissions and move to 100% clean energy, revolutionize our transportation and housing infrastructure, and stop extraction of fossil fuels. Through this critical process we must ensure a just transition, where democracy is strengthened, racism and justice are at the forefront of the conversation, and good jobs are created.

To carry out this campaign, Rights & Democracy is working with our partners across the region, including the People’s Climate Movement, 350-VT, 350-NH, NextGen-NH and more, to canvass door-to-door, hold town meetings, and produce recommendations for even bolder action to address the crisis.

Will you sign on to join the Jobs, Justice, Climate campaign now?

Thanks for all you do,


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