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Raise Your Voices to Raise Wages in Vermont

MinWage_BenefitsVT.pngThis legislative session we can win a $15 minimum wage, but only if we stand up and make our voices heard.

Sign up to join your neighbors at a public hearing in support of raising the minimum wage on January 25th at the State House, from 5:30 - 8PM in Room 11.

RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends!

We are in for a serious fight this session. The big business lobby will be pushing back hard against the Vermont Raise the Wage Campaign, threatening dire economic consequences if we bring the minimum wage up to a livable wage.  But we know we are on the right side of this fight, and we know all too well that tens of thousands of Vermonters are struggling to get by on less than $15 an hour, and of those:

  • 88 percent are adults, 56 percent are women, 59 percent work full time, and one in five are parents.
  • Our country's structural racism is evident in low-wage work, too. Almost 60 percent of African Americans in Vermont earn less than $15 an hour.
  • Inadequate wages are also impacting too many young children in our state. More than 43,000 Vermont children live in a household supported by someone earning less than $15 per hour, and nearly 30,000 children live in a household supported by someone earning less than $12 per hour.

It's time that we do something direct and meaningful to improve the lives of these Vermonters while at the same time strengthening our local economies and tackling the massive inequality that's holding back too many of our neighbors.

Next Thursday is a critical moment to show our legislators that Vermont stands with our lowest paid workers, and that the time for livable wages is now!


If you have a story to share please let us know when you fill out the form and we can help you prepare your testimony.

You can even share your story if you cannot come in person but want someone to read your testimony for you at the hearing.

More than 80,000 low paid Vermonters are counting on you now and in the coming months. Thank you for standing up against poverty and inequality.

Share this great Rutland Herald and Times Argus editorial supporting a $15 an hour minimum wage with your legislator!

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