Raise Up Vermont


For a Vermont that works for all of us,
not just the wealthy few!

1. Raise job standards by making the minimum wage a livable wage.

2. Establish family and medical leave insurance, so Vermont's working families can care for their loved ones.

3. Strengthen existing law to prevent employers denying working people the protections they are entitled to under the law by misclassifying them as "independent contractors."

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When Vermont’s families thrive, Vermont’s communities thrive. Working people in Vermont should be able to care for and support their families with dignity.

Please join Rights & Democracy in raising our voices to raise up standards for working Vermonters. Together, we can build a Vermont that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few.

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    linda cacopardo
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    Sign the petition: Work With Dignity
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    Marina Meerburg
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    I want to make sure my children and others can continue to work and live with dignity in Vermont
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    elizabeth christie
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    Sign the petition: Work With Dignity
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    Bernice Vogel
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    Al Walskey

    I was born and grew up in western Pennsylvania where steel and coal was king. By design poverty was the norm because most people lived in “Company Towns” where local companies owned everything. The “Company Store” pricing structure was designed to keep low level workers in hock or at best treading water. Workers dared not speak out against the Company at the risk of being ostracised by the Company leadership who would go out of their way to make an example of any worker who dared step out of line. My grandfather died of black-lung disease working in mines where cave-ins were the norm. My dad was forced out of work in the steel mill and onto welfare when his back gave out. It was Social Security and Workmans Comp that ultimately saved him from an early grave. Because there was no employer provided health care us three kids had to suffer through all the childhood diseases without being able to see a doctor. Strip mining of coal and smokestack industries polluted the environment causing health issues. You knew when you were entering Freedom, Pa. because you could smell the foul air of “freedom.” Many who lived there contracted lung ailments. Worker strikes exacerbated the poverty. I escaped total abject poverty by enlisting, at 18, in the Army just before the regional economy collapsed.
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    Elizabeth Lyon
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    madeleine Madeleine Winfield
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    I work at the Addison County Parent Child Center. If the young families we serve had the right to a livable minimum wage it would profoundly effect the course of their lives, and the kind of work we do here at the center. The average cost of an apartment in Addison County is in the neighborhood of $1,000.00. For Vermonters like the ones we serve, to afford a place like this, assuming rent comes in at around 30% of one’s income, this would require that people make close to $40,000.00 annually. Working to earn minimum wage, one’s annual income amounts to around $21,000.00. This implies that one must work at least 80 hours per week to make that $40,000.00 mark. This is impossible. We need to give Vermonters the chance to pull themselves up.
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    I personally have generally earned a living wage. However, I have worked in public schools for 32 years and met hundreds of parents who are barely making it. The are on welfare and food stamps. Part of the culture of being low income is a tremendous focus on family, so people have several children, who they can’t support. So the rest of us do through our taxes for yet more welfare, food stamps, etc., etc. We need everyone to earn a living wage so they can plan for the future instead of living one day at a time and seeking immediate gratification.
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    samuel silverman
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    Mary Lou Willits
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