RAD-TV Presents: Political Revolution (Part 1) and #BreakFree Albany Report back - Rights and Democracy

RAD-TV Presents: Political Revolution (Part 1) and #BreakFree Albany Report back

CCTV: RAD-TV, 5/27/16

This month RAD TV brings a report on the political revolution inspired by Bernie Sanders run for President, hear from local musician Julie Winn about the VT Political Revolution Party! She is helping organize at HigherGround on June 23rd and other ways to get involved. We will also hear a first hand report from RAD’s Grant Taylor and Kerri Ellise from 350 Vermont on their experiences at the big #BreakFree action for climate justice that was held last week in Albany, NY which included hundreds of Vermonters. 

Host Traven Leyshon talks with guests Grant Taylor and Julie Winn from Rights & Democracy and Keri Ellis from 350 Vermont.

Rights and Democracy shares perspectives leading to a vision for a state in which every Vermonter earns a livable wage and has access to affordable health care, and where a progressive and equitable tax system supports an economy that protects the environment and human rights. We believe Vermont can lead our country in a new direction towards happy, healthy, and just communities for everyone.

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