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We Need to Be RAD now, more than ever

My name is Teddy Waszazak and I’m a member of Rights & Democracy (RAD).

Like more than 50,000 of my neighbors in the Green Mountain State, I have struggled to find work that pays more than $15 an hour. While I do not have any children to support, this income is barely enough for me to pay my bills, and certainly not enough to help me build credit or save for my future.

My parents taught me when I was young that dollars need to be stretched. But, with the rising cost of living, those dollars only stretch so far. I was a child raised poor, with my family dependent on Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and other public programs to cover our basic needs. This is still the reality for more half the kids in Vermont today.

That’s why, as a young low-income worker, community organizer, and vocal citizen from Barre, I believe that all people working in the State of Vermont deserve a livable minimum wage of at least $15 per hour.

RAD gives me, and so many others like me, more than a voice but chance to work with others to build the power we need to make the changes we want to see here in Vermont, our country, and the world.

Join me today in support of our Together We Win campaign because it’s clear we need organizations like RAD now, more than ever.

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Teddy Waszazak, Barre

RAD member

Incoming RAD Board Member

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