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Power to the People: Energy Democracy

I think everyone agrees that we have a right to clean air, clean water, and that if we’re going to solve the climate crisis, we need clean energy.


At the People’s Climate March Solidarity Rally in Montpelier on April 29th, nearly 5,000 people came together to send a message that on all of these fronts, we can do better.



It’s time for us to build an equitable system that puts people and the planet first. A system where we set the priorities and goals to create sustainable, healthy communities. And, a system where the way that we make decisions is up to us, not the people and corporations who profit at our expense, and the expense of our planet.


That’s why Rights & Democracy is launching our campaign for Energy Democracy: A vision for Vermont that harnesses our natural resources and empowers our communities to solve our climate crisis. It’s time to end the inequity in our system that allows our natural energy resources to be financially strip mined for the benefit of distant communities and distant owners.


Wouldn’t we rather see the power, and those profits, be kept local to benefit all Vermonters? And, improve access, regardless of income or status, not only to renewable power, but also to the ability to own it?


The climate crisis will be solved by us, the people, through energy democracy. It doesn’t matter what cutting edge technology we have if we’re not working to disrupt the status quo that exploits us and that pits us against each other so we can’t see the thing we have all have in common — a desire to live healthy, safe, dignified lives.

We have to put the power back into the hands of the people, and our communities who have the most to lose, but also, the most to gain.

Rights & Democracy hosted a recent Take Action Tuesday call / webinar focused on Energy Democracy with Timothy DenHerder-Thomas, General Manager of Cooperative Energy Futures in Minnesota and Board member for Community Power. Watch the webinar and Timothy’s important slideshow and the Q&A afterward.

If you're interested in helping us build this campaign, first sign onto our Energy Democracy petition that we launched at the People’s Climate rally (click to watch a video of several speakers).

This petition lays out the broad goals and vision of Energy Democracy, and in the coming months we’ll be working with members to develop more specific proposals and policies to put forward in communities, as well as the legislature.

If you’d like to volunteer on this campaign, email us.

Power to the People!



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