People-Powered Organization Endorses Sanders for President - Rights and Democracy VT

People-Powered Organization Endorses Sanders for President



James Haslam, 802-272-0882,

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Rights and Democracy is a fast-growing grassroots organization building engaged leadership teams across New Hampshire and Vermont -- and they are ready for the political revolution

CONCORD, NH - Rights and Democracy, a regional grassroots community-based organization with members in Vermont and New Hampshire, is endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for President.

“For decades, Sanders has stood with our communities and grassroots organizations working for positive change, pushed for livable wages, and joined us at picket lines to stand up for working families. Now we are standing with him, because we are part of the political revolution,” says Michelle Salvador of Worcester, Vermont. Salvador is a state employee, union leader, and the chair of the Rights and Democracy Board of Directors.

Janice Kelble of Franklin, New Hampshire, a longtime postal worker and founder of Rights & Democracy, says: “Senator Sanders stands up to the powerful corporate interests in this country that have corrupted our political system. His agenda is one that will benefit our communities and our country.”  

Rights & Democracy is a new, fast-growing, people-powered organization that started in Vermont and grew into New Hampshire last year. Within a few short months they successfully championed same day voter registration in Vermont and passed a bill for paid sick leave through the Vermont House. They are now pushing across both states to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage, raise workers’ rights standards, and create green jobs while taking bold action on climate change.

“We need the kind of political revolution Sanders has been calling for on a state and local level,” says founding Director James Haslam, who formerly served as the long time Executive Director of the Vermont Workers’ Center. “His agenda addresses the biggest concerns in our communities: reducing inequality, getting money out of politics, ensuring universal access to early and higher education, leading the fight for clean power, and taking powerful fossil fuel interests head on.”

Rights & Democracy is the first grassroots organization in the Northeast to endorse Senator Sanders.

Rights and Democracy spokespeople are available for interviews in New Hampshire and Vermont.  On Saturday at 11am in Salem, NH at a Bernie Sanders 2016 Healthcare Rally they will be publicly announcing the endorsement.  

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