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Organize. Vote. Organize.

"Voting is a chess move, not a valentine." - Rebecca Solnit

Casting votes today is our way to impact the terrain that people's movements organize on. We can support candidates from the movement who have a track record of standing side-by-side with us working towards economic, social, racial and environmental justice. This election five founding leaders of Rights & Democracy are running for the Vermont Legislature, they include: Selene Colburn (State Rep, Chittenden 6-4), Mari Cordes (State Rep, Addison - 4), Debbie Ingram (State Senate, Chittenden Co), John Moran (State Rep, Windham-Bennington) and Jeremy Hansen (State Rep, Washington - 1).

We also know grassroots organizing can change what is politically possible.  If we demonstrate enough of a groundswell for an issue critical to our communities, we know that political leaders will be more apt to champion the issue in the election and we will be in a better position to advance them after they are elected. Grassroots movements can also impact elections strategically, casting votes with open eyes for candidates who are not champions for our communities but can be held more accountable by them.   

Vote today.

Then, join and support Rights & Democracy (RAD) and allied grassroots organizations to build independent political power for our communities. RAD will be holding organizing meetings around the state when the dust settles from the November 8th and hosting our first bistate Annual Meeting on December 3rd.

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We started Rights & Democracy (RAD) because we knew something was broken in our democracy. In 2014, we witnessed the lowest voter turnout in our state's history. Many Vermonters felt so disillusioned by the political process and our leaders nationally and in Montpelier that they believed voting wasn't even worthwhile. 

To reverse this trend and reengage thousands of Vermonters across this state to change the very political system that they found so disillusioning, we launched RAD in 2015. Since that time, we have been building a powerful grassroots movement for economic, social, racial and environmental justice. We began recruiting candidates from our communities who understand the key role grassroots movements play in driving change and will continue  to collaborate with and be accountable to us long after Election Day. These candidates are dedicated to bring the voice of our movement to Montpelier and advancing a bold progressive policy agenda to create a better Vermont for us all. 

Just as we began building this organization across Vermont and New Hampshire, our Senator Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Campaign was igniting the entire country around his call for a political revolution.  While his campaign may have fell short of winning the nomination, we have an enormous opportunity continue building that political revolution on a local level.  

The stakes in this election are huge, and Rights & Democracy strongly encourages all of you, our members and supporters, to vote for the following candidates for statewide office:

Governor - Sue Minter
Lt. Governor - David Zuckerman
Attorney General - TJ Donovan
State Auditor - Doug Hoffer
Secretary of State - Jim Condos

See our full voter guide at

Find out where to vote here, and call us if you need help getting to your polling station!  



RAD was inspired by a t-shirt we saw on an Instagram report from Ai-jen Poo and Goerge Goehl.  Here is the link:


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