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No Human is Illegal

RAD_logo.jpegRAD was founded to hold governments and elected leaders accountable for making certain that all human beings are free to live with dignity.

We know that no human being can be “illegal,” and we oppose any Executive Order or action which limits the human rights of migrants, refugees, immigrants or other classes of people based upon religion, ethnicity or national origin. We will not succumb to the fear mongering the Trump administration wields  to intimidate the people of the United States of America.

We know that democracy is brave, fierce, and compassionate, and does not stand on fear of and hatred toward others.

A threat to one is a threat to all. Only in our diversity can we find our strength.

To that end, we affirm that together we will at every level:

  • Oppose actions that restrict immigrants from entering our country based upon nation of origin or religion
  • Organize people power in constructive ways to protect those refugees and immigrants within our borders
  • Organize protests to let the public know that human rights are being violated by this administration
  • Unite with other groups and people who share these beliefs
  • Oppose any and all elected officials who attempt to enforce discriminatory actions
  • Fight to keep any and all law enforcement — at the local, county, state and/or federal level — from participating in raids or enforcing bans on the people who are in the United States or entering the United States.
  • Provide independent and well organized community oversight of law enforcement action and policies with regard to bans, discrimination, and raids
  • Communicate strategically and effectively with the public

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