My birthday wish - Rights and Democracy

My birthday wish

Over 2,000 Vermonters joined us over the past two weeks at our election rallies with Bernie Sanders in virtually every corner of the state.  Thank you for joining with Rights & Democracy to continue Bernie's movement for a political revolution in this election season and well beyond!


Today is my birthday, and if I could ask for one thing it's that you register to vote.  Today is your last chance to register so that you can impact this crucial election.  If you are already registered, go down to vote today or as soon as you can to support the candidates Rights & Democracy is supporting

If we want to bring about positive change for our families, our communities, and the ecosystem we all depend on, we must all act like organizers.  If you're already registered, make sure you register at least one person you know.  Make sure you write to your local paper and speak with your friends and family about the need to vote, at the very least.  

If you want to make an event bigger impact, we can help you make that happen. 

Sign up here to call fellow RAD members from home to help get out the vote!

You can also come join me at our office in Burlington to make calls from 5pm - 8pm tomorrow night

Knowing that I'm part of an amazing community of caring people like you who walk the walk to make change is all the birthday present I need.  But I'm sure you know there's a way better reason why you should do all of these things.  Do it for yourself, your family, your community and for our future generations.  

Make no mistake, the stakes in this election are incredibly high, and we need all the help we can get to make sure Vermont is positioned to push ahead on an agenda that puts people and the planet over profit.  

Together we win!

James Haslam

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