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Let's Win Big in Burlington on March 6th!


With less than a week to go - here are some ways in which you can help our endorsed candidates and ballot items be victorious on Tuesday, March 6th.

First of all - make sure that you turn out to the polls on March 6th! Or, request an absentee ballot and vote early to get it out of the way and help work the polls on Town Meeting Day to ensure a victory.

Here is our full list of candidates who our members voted to support:

Mayor: Independent Carina Driscoll for Mayor. The momentum of Carina’s campaign is really building - just in time for election day!

Aside from Rights & Democracy (RAD), Carina has been endorsed by the Coalition for a Livable City, AFSCME Local 1343 Council 93 (nearly 300 city and school workers), Our Revolution, the National Nurses Union, and the Burlington Free Press. This diverse group of endorsements demonstrate Carina’s inclusive vision for the city and a recognition of her ability to bring people together.

Sign up to participate in Carina’s Get Out the Vote effort through Tuesday! Come to a honk and wave, make calls, or volunteer to hold a sign at the polls on election day.

Carina’s victory will be the start of rebuilding trust and opening up the doors of City Hall to everyone in our community. Carina has proven skills to lead the city and a record of listening to the people who live here. That combination will ensure that under her leadership that City Hall will work for the people, not private interests.

In addition to Carina, here are the other RAD-endorsed candidates that our members voted to endorse for March 6th:

City Council

Ward 2: Max Tracy, Progressive

Ward 3: Brian Pine, Progressive

Ward 5: Jesse Warren, Progressive

Ward 6: Charles Simpson, Progressive

Ward 7: Ali Dieng, Progressive-Democrat

Ward 8: Carter Neubieser, Progressive

School Board

Ward 4: Martine Gulick

Ward 5: Nicole Twohig

Ward 7: Monika Ivancic

In addition, several issues on our Burlington People’s Platform are on the ballot, too.

We are encouraging folks to support the following ballot items:

Question 1: Vote Yes on the School Budget. Any problems that we have with the way we fund education should be settled in the School Board elections, and in discussions with Montpelier - but not taken out on our kids. We also need to show support for our teachers and staff. Of the budget increase, only 1% is due to local spending, the other 7% is due to an increase in the statewide property tax (of which we have no control over at the local level).

Question 5: Show your support for Affordable Housing by urging the City Council to look to a suite of local option taxes to provide more progressive and equitable funding sources for the city’s housing trust fund and rely less on the regressive property tax. This important fund could be used more widely to build truly affordable, and perpetually affordable, housing. This ballot item was proposed by RAD members in Burlington, and we are thankful to Councilor Max Tracy for helping to lead the fight to get it on the ballot.

Question 6: Vote Yes on cancelling the F-35 from coming to Burlington’s International Airport. The impact on affordable housing and our children in our community and in the communities of our neighbors—especially Winooski and South Burlington—is too much to ignore.  

To help these candidates win, reach out to the candidates and see what help they need with last-minute phone calls, door knocking, sign waving, and get out the vote parties! Encourage your friends to vote, too, in support of these grassroots candidates and to support these ballot items.

Let’s put the people back in charge of City Hall on March 6th!

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