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Join Us in DC! Kill the GOP Zombie Health Care Bill

IMG_6306.JPGThis is the Zombie health care bill that won't die, so RAD is sending another van of Vermonters to DC on Monday to pressure on Republicans in Congress to kill their health care bill once and for all!

You may have seen the news that we sent down another van load brave Rights & Democracy members to take part in two direct actions in Washington, DC alongside folks from around the country.

Several RAD members braved arrest, and others provided necessary support for those arrested (keeping valuable safe, providing legal observation).

Will you join the next group of RAD members headed to DC next week? If not, can you chip in a few dollars to help us get them there?

The GOP won't stop trying to pass this bill and we won't stop the resistance!

A van will leave Burlington Monday morning, July 24th, with at least one stop in Bennington. The return date is Thursday, July 27th.

We have secured housing, so you just need to bring necessities for a few days. Times are fluid at the moment as we assess who is interested in joining, so if you'd like to go let us KNOW BY SUNDAY by clicking on the Join Us button below and we'll be in touch.

Vermonters continue to be at the center of this fight in DC, and our pressure has been working to slow GOP’s efforts to pass these disastrous bills, and to get Gov. Phil Scott and other Republican leaders in Vermont to stand against these bad bills.


JOIN US! Click here to sign up to go to DC next week. Let us know by SUNDAY morning!




DONATE! Contribute to the cause and help us send folks to DC to #KilltheBill!




The time is now to keep up the pressure in Congress, as well as here at home in Vermont to ensure that our elected officials know that throwing millions of people off health care to benefit a wealthy few is not a Vermont value, and it should not be a value of our country.

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