Join Us, Fight Back: Medicaid NOT Millionaires - Rights and Democracy VT

National Healthcare Day of Action: Don't End Medicaid To Give Millionaires Tax Breaks!

Democracy_Summer.pngWe want more Medicaid, not Millionaires!

Join Rights & Democracy for a rally and press conference this Wednesday in Burlington to denounce the GOP attack on Vermonters' healthcare and hear from the people most affected by the deep cuts to Medicaid.

Join us at 11:30 AM, 199 Main Street, Burlington, in front of the Democracy statue

Speakers will include representatives from Rights & Democracy, the Vermont Office of Health Care Advocate, Vermont Center for Independent Living, Disability Rights Vermont, as well as representatives from the offices of US Sen. Patrick Leahy and US Sen. Bernie Sanders.


Hear the stories of those most impacted by these devastating plans to gut Medicaid and other healthcare protections in order to provide tax cuts to the wealthiest among us and learn what we can do next to fight back!


Rights & Democracy is joining its national partner Health Care for America Now (HCAN) and HCAN state affiliates across the country to send a message to Congressional members as well as Gov. Phil Scott to stop the GOP proposals to gut Medicaid.

If you can't make Wednesday's event, here's how YOU can help now:

Call Republican Gov. Phil Scott to sign onto a bi-partisan letter of US governors who oppose the Senate plan and want to see a more collaborative process to improve the health of their residents and hold their state budgets harmless. Scott has a chance to be a national Republican leader, like other Vermont Republicans before him, but we need to let him know that we want him to act.

Add your name to the list! More than 3300 Vermonters have asked Scott to stand up for healthcare.

Call the offices of US Sen. Patrick Leahy and US Sen. Bernie Sanders and tell them to do everything they can to stop this bill from becoming law.
Let them know that we have their back to pull out the stops to halt this bill in its tracks and protect Medicaid.

Those numbers:

Gov. Phil Scott: (802) 828-3333

US Sen. Patrick Leahy: (800) 642-3193

US Sen. Bernie Sanders: (800) 339-9834

Last week, Rights & Democracy members, health care advocates and others likely impacted by Republican plans held a National Day of Action rally at the Vermont State House [click to watch our video].

Before Wednesday, if you have a healthcare story that you want to share with our elected officials, tell us and we'll pass it along.

In Solidarity,

Rights & Democracy



THURS, JUNE 29 – Burlington Climate Action Meeting!

6:30 PM - 8 PM, Champlain Senior Center, 241 N Winooski Ave
What can we do to reduce Burlington's impact on the climate? How can we transition from fossil fuels and also reduce energy consumption? Our electricity sector is powered by renewable energy but our home heating and transportation is almost entirely powered by fossil fuels. We have a long way to go right here in our hometown. Let's make it happen!

FRIDAY, JUNE 30 – How to Kill a City

6:30-8 PM, SEABA Center, 404 Pine Street, Burlington

Join a discussion about how development as a strategy for economic advancement needs to be balanced by policies that prevent the otherwise inevitable geographic inequity of displacement, along with an overview of Memorial Auditorium's history in Burlington. The main speaker is Peter Moskowitz, author of the new book How to Kill a City: Gentrification, Inequality, and the Fight for the Neighborhood. The event is free and open to the public.

MON, July 3 - Canvass with us at the Burlington Waterfront Celebration!


TUES, July 4 - Canvass at a 4th of July Celebration near you!

WED, JULY 5 – Burlington Organizing Team Meeting

6:30 – 8 PM, 241 No. Winooski Ave., Champlain Senior Center, Burlington
Democracy Summer is Here! Join your neighbors to follow up on our Democracy Summer kickoff, debrief Al Dieng's City Council campaign and brainstorm our Democracy Summer events, Town Hall meetings, July 22 mass canvass, political trainings, and more.


SUN, JULY 9 - Movement Politics Training

10 AM – 3 PM, location TBD, Montpelier

To move from protest to power we need to get serious about impacting elections, either by running for office ourselves or support campaigns run by our allies in the movement.  If you'd like to join our first day long movement politics training, fill out this registration form.  We will then follow up with a phone interview before accepting applicants.

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