I know I am not the only parent that is terrified - Rights and Democracy VT

I know I am not the only parent that is terrified


I know that I am not the only parent right now who feels terrified about what the future holds.  But, in my almost two decades as a community organizer I’ve never seen so many of us ready to take action.   

When I founded Rights & Democracy, it was clear that we needed a multi-issue organization that worked with allies to connect all the issues and struggles of our communities.  But who knew that all of our rights, across the board, would be under attack and our already deeply flawed democracy would be so threatened?

Thanks to so many of you, we are bursting at the seams with people wanting to do something. We need your help so we can have the capacity to meet our national political crisis head on.

Can you sign up as a contributing member of Rights & Democracy by sending $5 today?

With your help here’s what we are going to do:

  • MOBILIZE: Continue to support mass mobilizations working with individuals and partner groups like we have with the historic Women’s March and rallies against the Muslim Ban to show strong opposition to the attacks across the board from the Trump administration and Republican Congress.

  • ORGANIZE LOCALLY: As the saying goes, the best defense is a strong offense. We will continue pushing on a state and local level for key issues like raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, family and medical leave insurance, clean water systems, ending mass incarceration, ending the use of fossil fuels and expanding energy democracy.     

  • BUILD & TRAIN LOCAL LEADERS: Roll out a new candidate pipeline so that we don’t have just one Bernie Sanders, but hundreds of Bernie Sanders’ starting at the local level.  This spring we are developing a new candidate training program to dig into issue analysis and leadership skills for our members.

We always knew that it was critical to have a holistic and strategic approach that organizes our communities to take collection action around the policies and elections that impact us all.  If we do not seriously and wholeheartedly turn our electoral and political process around, it will continue to threaten our communities, our ecosystems, and our future generations.  Together, we can reshape these systems toward an agenda that benefits all people and the planet.  But we need your help.


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