11 Group starts petition to get Vt. superdelegates to back Sanders - Rights and Democracy

Group starts petition to get VT superdelegates to back Sanders

WCAX News, 4/20/16


BURLINGTON, Vt. - There's a petition to get Vermont's superdelegates to back Bernie Sanders for president.

A group called Rights and Democracy collected more than 5,000 signatures to get Senator Patrick Leahy, Governor Peter Shumlin and former Governor Howard Dean to pledge to vote for Sanders.  

Supporters say 86 percent of Vermont voters picked Sanders on Primary Day, so superdelegates should reflect what they want.

"Well, if they decide not to change their vote, I think one, Vermonters might question the superdelegates that are in office and are representing our voices, who we've elected into office. And also I think that it's going to be really just eye-opening and we're going to continue to have the conversation around our electoral system and possibly getting rid of the superdelegate system as a whole," said Brittany Nevins from Rights & Democracy

Activists also say the fact that Vermont's superdelegates are supporting Clinton is disheartening to young voters. They say the United States needs more young people to participate in democracy.

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