Grassroots Group Aims to Tackle Labor Issues, Climate Change - Rights and Democracy

Grassroots Group Aims to Tackle Labor Issues, Climate Change

WFFF | September 7, 2015 | Report by Steven Brasley

A new Vermont-based grassroots group wants to push for more support for working families.

"Rights and Democracy" held its launch party at Battery Park Monday. The group aims "to bring a 'political revolution' to the state," according to a press release. Those in the group say the Green Mountain State can be a pioneer in implementing fair labor practices, addressing climate change, and tackling racial injustice.

"All our values, political, social, economic, have to work together for us to determine the society that we want, and that's happening drastically across the country," said former state legislator John Moran.

"If enough people come together and enough people start running for office who are from working families, then we can actually make the elections matter, we can actually make the government work for our communities," said Rights and Democracy Executive Director James Haslam, "and a lot of the things we're up against cannot be fully won on a state level, we have to be moving our country in a different direction."

Haslam says Vermont had the lowest voter turnout rate in the state's history last year. He says change won't happen overnight; the group plans to approach the legislature this session with as many issues that affect working families as possible.

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