Addison County Gubernatorial Candidate Panel - Rights and Democracy

Addison County Gubernatorial Candidate Panel

On April 9th, over 130 residents of Addison County gathered for a panel hosted by Rights & Democracy to hear from Vermont's gubernatorial candidates. Democrats Matt Dunne, Peter Galbraith, and Sue Minter, as well as Republican Bruce Lisman attended. Economic revitalization, raising the minimum wage, climate change, paid family leave, diversity, and water quality were among the topics covered.
MCTV filmed the panel, watch here:
"As a working class college student invested in issues of economic justice, I was excited to hear how candidates will work to create a Vermont that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected. I hope candidates will adopt even more progressive policies surrounding racial justice in Vermont and taking hard stances against the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure. I was disappointed that Phil Scott refused to show up to discuss issues that matter most to Vermonters," said Dan Adamek, a student at Middlebury College.
Several audience questions that were not addressed are posted on Rights and Democracy's website at and have been shared with the candidates.

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