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We believe rights and democracy are won when people come together to make their voices heard, so we’re building a strong movement and the people power necessary to win justice and improve the policies that affect us and our communities. From making sure that every worker earns a livable wage, to securing access to quality healthcare and education for all, we are active in a broad range of issues that people face every day.

It's evident that low-income and working families are not being represented by our elected officials. People across Vermont and New Hampshire formed Rights & Democracy to build a movement to counter the influence of money in politics and to hold elected officials accountable to upholding our rights and the democracy we live in.

Our members are young and old. They are families, single people, retirees. They are working people who come from communities all across the state. Together, we create change through grassroots organizing, educating and mobilizing around the issues that affect our communities, recruiting and training candidates to run for office, and working through the political and electoral process to advance progressive policies that lead to happy, healthy, and just communities for all Vermonters.


Our mission is to bring people together to take action to build healthy communities and make the values of our communities guide the policies of our government. We are building a popular movement to advance rights and build a real democracy.  We work in partnership with community groups, progressive unions, faith communities, organizations fighting for human and civil rights, and environmental and climate action groups.


We believe we can achieve a society where people earn a livable wage and have access to affordable health care, and where a progressive and equitable tax system supports an economy that protects the environment and human rights. We believe Vermont and New Hampshire can lead our country in a new direction towards happy, healthy, and just communities for everyone.



Our work is centered on the communities in Vermont, but we are also connected to several national organizations and are their eyes and ears in Vermont and work with them to lift up the issues that connect us to our neighbors around the country. Those organizations are The Center for Popular Democracy, People's Action, and Our Revolution (we are an Our Revolution Local Group and work with OR to endorse candidates in local and statewide elections).



Rights & Democracy's office is located at 241 No. Winooski Ave., Burlington, VT 05401

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Also check out our Rights & Democracy New Hampshire website!  


Rights & Democracy Project is a 501c4 organization across VT and NH. 

We are affiliated with the Rights & Democracy Education Fund, a charitable 5o1c3 non-profit grassroots organization, www.rights-democracy.org 

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