NBC 5 - 'Save Health Care' rally moved to Burlington High School because of expected crowd



Because of such a huge amount of support, Rights and Democracy has moved the "Our First Stand: Save Health Care National Day of Action Rally" to Burlington High School on Sunday. It's part of a national day of action led by Sen. Bernie Sanders to "save health care."

The rally will feature Sanders via live stream, Lt Gov. David Zuckerman and other community leaders in opposition to the Republican budget resolution, which organizers say would take away health insurance from tens of millions of Americans, privatize Medicare, make massive cuts to Medicaid and defund Planned Parenthood, among other things.

One volunteer organizer, Jessica Early, is a nurse and she said she works with patients who will be directly impacted.

"I think other folks throughout the state have a similar investment in this issue and it's bringing them out," Early said. "They know this could impact their neighbors and their parents and their grandparents and their children, and so people are really making an effort to take a stand and take a stand together."

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