Raise up Vermont: New Grassroots Campaign Launch - Rights and Democracy VT

Raise up Vermont: New Grassroots Campaign Launch



James Haslam, (802) 272-082, james@radvt.org

Aly Johnson-Kurts, (802) 595-9593, aly@radvt.org 

What: Press conference: “Raise up Vermont: New Grassroots Campaign Launch”

Who: Rights & Democracy

When: 10am - 10:30am, Wednesday March 9, 2016

Where: Cedar Creek Room, Montpelier State House 

Why: It’s time for Vermont elected leaders to prioritize raising working standards and building an economy for working families.

 “In a state where there is overwhelming support for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ agenda for the country, it’s long overdue for Vermont to take the necessary steps to address the growing inequality between every day working Vermonters and those at the top” says Michelle Salvador of Worcester, VT and Rights & Democracy board chair. “We need action taken on the current bills in the State House to move the minimum wage towards a livable wage, to prevent workers from being misclassified as independent contractors and for paid family leave.”


Michelle Salvador of Worcester, VT (Chair, Rights & Democracy)

John Moran of Wardsboro, VT (former co-chair, Working Vermonters Caucus) Livable Wages

Abdullah Sall of Burlington, VT, Worker Testimony

Sen. Anthony Pollina (D/P - Washington Co) Inequality

Mari Cordes, RN of Lincoln, VT (Vice-president of AFT Vermont)

Michelle Fay, Voices of Vermont’s Children

Rev. Earl Kooperkamp, VT Interfaith Action


Rights and Democracy is grassroots organization in Vermont and New Hampshire dedicated to organizing everyday people to make their voices heard and win real change for their communities. Follow them on Twitter @RightsVT

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