(5/11) Movement Politics Webinar - Rights and Democracy VT

Movement Politics Webinar

MAY 11th, 6:30-7:30pm

Join a LIVE webinar with VT Lt. Governor David Zuckerman, Phil Fiermonte (Senator Bernie Sanders' State Director), Senator Debbie Ingram, Representative Kiah Morris, Representative Selene Colburn, National Movement Politics Director Laurel Wales, RAD Political Engagement Director Isaac Grimm, and RAD Leader Alison Nihart.


The movement that Bernie inspired across the country we must continue to organize not only around issues, and not only in reaction to Trump's attacks. We must organize to build the necessary power to make our values reflected in our policies.

If we are serious about building power and affecting change we must have an electoral strategy, at all levels, building and training our members to run for office.

It's easy! Complete the registration form to receive a link and instructions on how to join on the day. You can participate from anywhere with an internet connection -- so register today!

Why do you want to get involved in movement politics? What is at stake in your life & your community?


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