2,500+ Sign Letter Asking VT Superdelegates to Rethink Voting Clinton - Rights and Democracy VT

2,500+ Sign Letter Asking VT Superdelegates to Rethink Voting Clinton

Contact - Aly Johnson-Kurts - aly@radvt.org, 802-595-9593


VERMONT – On Wednesday, April 7th, the grassroots organization Rights & Democracy launched an open letter to the four Vermont superdelegates planning to vote for Hillary Clinton. Senator Sanders’ had an overwhelming victory in Vermont, winning 86.1% of the vote and carrying every town. In light of this, over 2,500 have signed the letter below asking the super delegates to reconsider their votes.

Dear U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, Governor Peter Shumlin, Former Governor and Former DNC Chair Howard Dean, and Democratic National Committeewoman Billi Gosh,

On March 1st the citizens of Vermont overwhelmingly voted for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Vermonters are disappointed that, despite our popular support for Senator Sanders, in your capacity as superdelegates, you continue to pledge your support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Senator Sanders won 86.1% of the vote, receiving all 16 pledged delegates and winning every single town in Vermont. With this overwhelming and historic support, we request all Vermont superdelegates cast their votes for Senator Sanders. While some superdelegates might have made a “promise” in the past to other candidates, it would be irresponsible and undemocratic to ignore the Democratic primary results. Both the current and past presidential election cycles have been marred by instances of voter suppression and other assaults on the democratic process, but today you have a unique opportunity to uphold the democratic tradition and restore faith in our electoral process.

To be a “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” our political leaders and elected officials must uphold the will of the people, especially when it is expressed so decisively through the ballot-box. We call on you, to honour democracy in action by casting your superdelegate vote for our fellow Vermonter Bernie Sanders.

This is a critical moment in American history and the people of Vermont have spoken emphatically. It is your privilege and duty to listen.

Sincerely, the undersigned Vermonters, on behalf of the 86.1 percent,

[Organizations listed for affiliation purposes only]

Julie Winn, Musician & Artist

James Haslam, Rights & Democracy

DJ Craig Mitchell

James Ehlers, Public Health Advocate

Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield, co-founders Ben and Jerry's

Kat Wright, Musician

Jen Kimmich, The Alchemist Brewery

Judy, Jaime & David Pransky, The Manfestivus

Michelle Salvador, Rights & Democracy Chair

Rebecca Haslam, 2015 VT Teacher of the Year

Don Mayer, Small Dog Electronics

Lois Trombley, Swan Dojo, Director & Choreographer

Brett Hughes, Musician

David Blittersdorf, President/CEO, AllEarth Renewables

Samara Lark Brown, Recording Artist

Glenn Taulton, Retired Navy Veteran, Musician

Megan Stearns, Artist

Peter Clavelle, former Burlington mayor

Chad Hollister, musician

Jack Rowell, Photographer

Andrea Miksic, owner of Salaam Clothing

Shyla Nelson, Soprano, Founder: One Earth, One Voice

Mara Brazilian, owner of Spellbound Vermont

Reed Webster, 4 decade VT highway worker

Joe Adler, Musician

Eric Becker,  Clean Yield Asset Management

and 2,500+ more on our website at radvt.org/openletter

Social Media:  Follow @RightsVT

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