2017 RAD Legislative Priorities

To defend our rights and strengthen our democracy, it's critical that we work to advance statewide policies that advance social, racial, economic and environmental justice.  Below are some of our key priorities for the 2017-18 legislative biennium:

Minimum Wage

  • H. 64 - Representative Poirer’s bill for $15 by 2020
  • H. 93 - Representative McCormack’s bill for $15 by 2022
  • S. 40 - Senators Sirotkin & Ingram’s bill for $15 by 2022
  • Addressing Benefits cliff:
  • H. 10 Representative Yacovone’s bill to increase childcare subsidy

Family & Medical Leave Insurance

  • H. 196, S. 82 – Senate and House bills to implement a statewide insurance program to cover maternity & paternity leave, temporary disability, and parental/elderly relative care

Worker Classification and Basic Worker Protections

  • H.223 – Bill to address strengthen enforcement against misclassifying workers as independent contractors & denying them basic benefits & protections 
  • H. 197 - Bill to provide workers’ compensation coverage for mental conditions that result from workplace conditions that are a characteristic of or peculiar to a particular occupation (ie first responders).
  • H. 136 - Bill to ensure workplace accommodations for pregnant employees
  • H.109 - Bill calling for a study on contingent workers in VT, as a step toward implementing portable worker benefits.

Renewable Energy

  • S. 51Bill to put former Governor Shumlin’s executive order for 90% renewables by 2050 into statute
  • S. 32Bill to ensure favorable consideration of vendor business practices that promote clean energy and take action to address climate change in state procurement

Criminal Justice Reform 

  • H. 492 - Fair and impartial policing; creates Racial Justice Oversight Board
  • H.150 - Compassionate release for older inmates
  • H.167 - Raises the threshold of personal possession of drugs before a felony is triggered
  • H.108 - Creates a "safer drug consumption program" (safe injection sites)
  • H.291 - Prohibits the use of for-profit prisons

Fair Taxation

  • S 58 – Bill to create an education property tax that is adjusted by income for all taxpayers

Healthcare Justice

  • S.53 -  Senate bill to establish a system of universal, publicly financed primary care for all Vermonters beginning in 2019.
  • H.248 - House version of universal primary care bill.

Justice for Seniors

  • H. 387 - Bill to authorize the Public Retirement Study Committee to develop a proposal for a Multiple Employer Plan model.

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