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    Stop Private Prisons!

    Please join T.J. Donovan and Rights & Democracy calling for a ban on the use of private prisons by the State of Vermont.  The Department of Justice just announced that the federal government will no longer contract with private prisons. Vermont should follow their lead.

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    Target: The Vermont Legislature

    We believe the use of private prisons should be eliminated in Vermont. We ask the Vermont Legislature to pass a ban of their use in order to stop the practice of sending Vermonters to out-of-state, for-profit prisons.*

    Background: The US private prison industry has exploded as a multi-billion dollar industry which turns incarcerated people into Wall Street profits.  For years, Vermont has been sending overflow prisoners to out-of-state, for-profit private prisons from Kentucky to Michigan. As the ACLU writes: “The root of the problem: all for-profit prison corporations are in the very business of generating the greatest possible profits, by any means necessary. Providing safe and humane conditions of confinement to the human beings in their custody is — at best — a distant secondary goal. The private prison industry has been a key player over the past two decades in driving the explosion of mass incarceration in the US. Families, communities, and state and local government have suffered terribly from the mass incarceration binge; the only clear winner is the private prison industry and its stockholders, making billions in revenues.”

    More Resources:

    Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform: www.vermontersforcriminaljusticereform.org

    Rights & Democracy Vermont: www.radvt.org

    T.J. Donovan for VT Attorney General: www.donovanforvermont.com  

    *By signing this petition you are agreeing to receive emails from T.J. Donovan for Vermont Attorney General and The Vermont Political Revolution Fund.

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  • signed Raise Up Vermont 2017-01-25 12:58:54 -0500

    Raise Up Vermont

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    We support raising basic standards for workers in Vermont, and call on lawmakers to:

    1. Raise job standards by making the minimum wage a livable wage.

    2. Establish family and medical leave insurance for all Vermont working families.

    3. Strengthen existing law to prevent employers from misclassifying their employees as “independent contractors” and denying the protections they are entitled to under the law.


    Right now millions of people in Vermont and across the country are struggling with poverty wages, lack of paid family and medical leave to care for their families, experience wage theft or our misclassified as independent contractors, or become ill or injured at work because of dangerous working conditions.

    Rights & Democracy believes that everyone has the right to live and raise their families in dignity. In the coming years, we believe Vermont can increasingly become a national leader for raising workplace standards.

    Please join us in helping continue to raise the standards for working people and supporting this campaign!

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  • signed Home 2017-01-25 12:58:20 -0500

    Together We Win!

    Across our state people are joining together to build a movement for rights and real democracy. We’re sending the message to our elected officials that we want policies that lead to happy, healthy, and just communities for all Vermonters. Join us! 

    Sign on to our Together We Win agenda and become a member of RAD.

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    I support a Vermont where:

    • Every working person earns a livable wage and has dignified working conditions.

    • Everyone has access to quality healthcare, education, affordable housing and social supports paid for with a progressive and fair tax system.

    • We have an economy that creates good jobs while taking bold action to protect the environment and address climate change.

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  • signed Welcome Syrian Refugees 2017-01-25 12:57:50 -0500

    Welcome Syrian Refugees


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    Add your name: Vermont Stands Up Against Hate and Welcomes Syrian Refugees

    As President-elect Trump threatens to ban Syrian refugees, we in Vermont are trying to welcome them. In the face of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria, on November 28, 2016 the Burlington City Council overwhelming passed a resolution supporting refugee resettlement. This resolution follows the lead of Rutland City, which already agreed to open its doors to 100 families earlier this year. We agree with US Senator Bernie Sanders’ statement that when hundreds of thousands of people have lost everything and are merely trying to protect and preserve a future for their families, we should not turn our backs on them.

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  • wants to volunteer 2017-01-25 12:53:16 -0500

    Join Us To Build the VT Political Revolution

    We believe rights and democracy are won when people come together to make their voice heard.  Join Rights & Democracy a become a part of making positive change in our community!

    Become a volunteer


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